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queen of the mushrooms

variation on a theme

St. Stacy of Beavis
28 May 1986
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alternative fashion, alternative press, anthropodermic bibliopegy, art, baby art, bdsm, becktionary, binding, bisexuality, black and white photography, bme, body modification, bondage, book binding, books, bpm, buckles, calories, canadian movies, carnivorous plants, cash, cats, cigarettes, classic literature, collecting, community, contortionism, creative writing, creativity, culture, cut & paste, danceclub surrealism, decaying innocence, distro, distros, diy, documentaries, dominatrix, drawings, drugs, entheogens, erotic literature, ethnobotanicals, ethnobotany, extreme body modification, eyes, fake eyelashes, fasting, femme fatales, fetish, fetish photography, free stuff, goddess, gossip, goth, graffiti, guided imagery, hallucinogens, helmut newton, herbal tea, herbalism, herbs, humanism, hunter s. thompson, ifc, illustrations, independant films, independant publishing, kevin smith, kitchen witch, l, legal highs, literature, lolita, louise brooks, magazines, magic mushrooms, mail, making money, marijuana, media piracy, mistress, mushrooms, mycologists, mycology, paper zines, perzines, photography, photos, piercing, pop-surrealism, postcards, princess, prostitution, protruding bones, psilocybin, psychedelic plants, publishing, reading, reading zines, saint jude, scandal, seduction, seeing my ribs, self expression, self-publishing, sensationalism, sex, sex industry, sex toys, sharpie markers, shibari, skin two magazine, skulls, smoking, snail mail, stencils, stickers, stolen sharpie revolution, stompy boots, street art, strippers, subculture, submissions, tall shoes, tao, tattoos, tea, teleophilia, the sensuality of ears, thinspiration, trade, trading, underground culture, voyeurism, webcam, white trash, writers, writing, yoga, zen, zen mysteries, zines